About me

Hi! I am a PhD student at Georgia Institute of Technology working on 3D computer vision, advised by Prof. James Hays. I believe that understanding the 3D world from visual data is key to both generalizable autonomous systems and virtual reality. I enjoy working on this problem at the intersection of geometry, machine learning, and optimization.

Prior to this, I was working on long-range perception problems for autonomous driving at Waymo. I earned my Master’s from Georgia Tech in 2020, during which I had the fortune of working with Prof. Frank Dellaert, Prof. Sonia Chernova, and Prof. Harish Ravichander. I contributed to SfM and SLAM algorithms in the GTSAM library. I also had the wonderful experience of working with the RAIL lab and winning the FetchIt! challenge at ICRA 2019. I spent a summer as a Computer Vision Intern at Blue River Technology, which taught me a bit about agriculture.

For more details, please refer to my CV.